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Water Resource Associates has wide experience in all forms of hydropower development from small-scale to regional schemes, providing hydrological expertise to define power potential and working with dam engineers to refine and optimise the overall design. As the development of energy renewables has gained pace in recent decades, WRA’s skills have evolved to link hydrology and GIS to provide rapid assessments of hydropower potential, and projects have included low-head micro and mini-hydro using Archimedes screws at historical mill sites.
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WRA Experience

WRA’s clients include the Environment Agency, water companies, research agencies, foreign governments, industrial partners and the tourism industry.

Mill sites studied since 2003 include: Woolstone Mill [Oxon], Longwick Mill [Bucks], Bocking [Essex], Vilar das Almas [Portugal], Waterbury Mill, Horsted Keynes [Sussex].

WRA have experience of mini-hydropower in the following countries: Angola, Mozambique, Portugal, Nepal, Bhutan, Malaysia, Uganda, Pakistan, Cote d'Ivoire, Mauritius, China

WRA maintains a partnership with small specialist businesses which have particular specialism within the field of hydrology, in particular with Wallingford HydroSolutions [WHS] and Oxford Scientific Services. WHS is now the distributor of LowFlows2000, which is relevant software for estimating the flow duration curve at ungauged sites. This service would also be considered for the hydropower studies, depending on the availability of actual streamflow data.

WRA Skill Set

  • HYSIM Hydrological modelling GIS
  • TRMM global rainfall database: 3hr-24hr data 1998-2016
  • ISIS, HECRAS, MIKE Riverine and estuarine hydraulic modelling for flood operating levels
  • AQUATOR Water resource systems modelling to optimise single or multi-purpose schemes
  • Erosion and sediment modelling to determine dead storage and working life
  • Field survey services through collaboration with GeoIndo include hydrometric monitoring, LiDAR and ground topographic survey for Design of dam and hydraulic structures
Although WRA’s focus is primarily on hydrology and feasibility, WRA has carried out several projects from initial strategy and concept through design and construction supervision to commissioning. This gives WRA’s hydrologists a unique insight into the full spectrum of activities and problems which can affect hydropower schemes.
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