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Specialist areas of our Associates include: 2D river modelling, acid deposition, climate change adaptation, dam supervision, digital mapping, flood analysis, flood alleviation works design, flood risk assessment, GIS, habitat enhancement, hydro-ecology, hydrogeology, hydrology, hydrometric data management, hydro-power, irrigation, land use and drainage, non-point source pollution modelling, nutrient dynamics, renewable energy, reservoir spillway analysis and design, sediment transport, surface water quality, water resources, water supply and wetlands.
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Dr Sean Avery is an expert in Water Resources Development and Environmental Impact, with wide experience of hydrology, hydrogeology and water resource development for water supply, irrigation, drainage, sewerage, sanitation projects in East and Central Africa. He has carried out many environmental audits and impact assessments and is a regional specialist in water resources in Africa and the Middle East.
robert-brown, wra, water resource associates
Robert Brown is an experienced hydrologist with a working knowledge of water resources, resource system modelling, Aquator resource modelling and support, probabilistic yield assessment of river and reservoir systems, low flows, flow regime analysis, arid zone flood hydrology and modelling, flood frequency/magnitude analysis, rainfall frequency analysis, hydrological modelling, HYSIM catchment modelling, groundwater/river flow interactions, MIKE11 river modelling, environmental river flows, FORTRAN and MS VBA programming and software development.
daniel-butterfield, wra, water resource associates
Dan Butterfield has been developing software and GIS applications for environmental science for more than a decade. He is a C++ Object-Oriented Programming Certified Professional, has more than 7 years experience of using GIS tools for modelling, mapping and presentation purposes and is highly competent in all areas of IT, including relational database design and web technologies.
dave-carless, wra, water resource associates
Dr. Carless has 28 years of industrial experience with both large and small technology companies. The last 18 years have been in the field of energy and environment including extensive work in renewable energy projects (tidal, wind, hydro and biomass) and other green energy projects, emission and air quality.
douglas-clendon. wra, water resource associates
Douglas specialises in the planning, study, design and construction of water resource and rural development projects. Has extensive experience in the Middle East, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Nepal, the Philippines, and Vietnam and has been responsible for managing multi-disciplinary teams.
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Jack Cosby has over 30 years of research experience in the USA, Canada and Europe, focusing on the hydrology and biogeochemistry of low-order streams, small lakes, headwater catchments, and coastal and estuarine systems
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Dr. Crossman’s expertise lies in hydrology, ecology and applications of water quality modelling and GIS techniques. Her research interests lie in surface and groundwater flow pathways, and nutrient dynamics. Jill is particularly concerned with the impacts of environmental change, such as land use change and climate change on water quality and ecology. Jill is also interested in channel morphology, and has studied the effects of dams and reservoirs upon upstream and downstream river channels.
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Alejandro Dussaillant has 20+ years experience in water resources and hydrology, applied to sustainable drainage, flood hazards, and water supply, with regional specialisation in South America, USA and Italy. His projects have included hydrological studies through most world climates from the humid tropics to arid zone hydrology, for drainage, flooding, fluvial geomorphology & dam impacts, catchment & river modelling, designing, establishing & operating hydrometric & environmental monitoring networks, and supporting development of professionals in Chile, USA and UK.
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Rachel has 14 years’ experience of water resources management within the UK water industry, including 4 years with Thames Water as a Water Resources Planner, and 5 years with Yorkshire Water as Senior Hydrologist. As a consultant, she has worked for both water companies and water industry regulators, providing technical advice and analysis on a range of water resources topics.
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Professor Futter is a water quality modeller with extensive experience in model development and application. He is a key member of the INCA development team and has led or contributed to the development of models for nutrient, mercury and organic pollutant fate and transport. Most recently, he has been part of the development team for INCA-Tox, a generic, catchment-scale model for simulating the fate and transport of legacy and emerging organic pollutants. He is skilled in software development and environmental information management and has developed several tools for model calibration and sensitivity analysis. Martyn is an expert on European water policy including the Water Framework (WFD) and Floods Directives (FD). He has specialist regional expertise in Fennoscandia, the Baltic States, the UK and Canada and sectoral expertise in forestry, drinking water supply, acidification and diffuse pollution.
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Dr. Green has extensive experience as a hydrologist working on water resource development projects throughout the world. He has carried out many studies involving resource estimation, flood estimation, regional flood studies, flood forecasting, hydrometry and hydrometric data processing.
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Dr. Robin Hall has 27 years experience as a hydrologist and was formerly employed for 23 years at the Centre for Ecology and Hydrology (CEH), Wallingford, (formerly Institute of Hydrology). He has extensive experience in experimental design, measurement and modelling, in both research projects and applied work, covering a wide range of hydrological topics including: evaporation (from vegetation, soil and water bodies); soil water; groundwater; stream flow and surface water runoff, and catchment water balances.
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Dr. Mandeville specialises in strengthening the operation of hydrological services for overseas governments, from basic data collection through hydrometeorological analysis to management of the water resource. Has also undertaken a substantial number of regional hydrological studies.
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Dr. Plinston has extensive experience of the water resources issues associated with development projects including hydro-power, irrigation and water supply as well as basic water resource inventory evaluation and development planning. He has carried out many studies involving reservoir operation, rainfall-runoff modelling, and water resource evaluation from scarce data.
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Experienced Team Leader for many transboundary water projects liaising regularly with project stakeholders, local development agencies and civil society groups, government agencies, international donors, and local media. Holds a Doctorate in anaerobic digestion of industrial and agricultural wastewaters.
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Julian Smith is a engineering hydrologist with almost 40 years of experience of the water industry in the UK and overseas, including 2D river modelling, flood analysis, flood alleviation works design, reservoir spillway analysis and design, water resources analysis, analysis of steady and unsteady flow in pipe networks and sewerage system modelling. Julian's most recent activity has involved the use of InfoWorks ICM integrated 1D/2D flood modelling for various urban areas in southern England.
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Dr. Snook is a Chartered Biologist and Chartered Environmentalist with 20 years experience as an ecologist within research, regional planning, government and voluntary bodies, in temperate, alpine and tropical habitats.
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Dr Willows’ expertise lies in the design of environmental risk assessments. Within the UK Environment Agency, Robert led an interdisciplinary team of experts in regional air quality modelling, catchment and agricultural land-use management, water quality modelling and ecological risk assessment. He also led on the development of the Environment Agency’s approach to risk characterisation under the Water Framework Directive and the development of DEFRA’s approach to the designation of Nitrate Vulnerable Zones (NVZ’s).
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Dr Wright is an international expert on acid deposition, land use, climate change and their effects on terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems. He has conducted several large-scale whole ecosystem experiments with acid deposition, nitrogen manipulations, and climate change. He is one of the developers of the MAGIC model for soil and water acidification. MAGIC has been applied at hundreds of catchments and lakes and river basins around the world. He has played a central role in several large EU research projects, and managed multi-national, multi-disciplinary research projects. His research has been extensively published, in the peer-reviewed literature, books and research reports (ISI citation h index = 37). He is one of four Norwegian scientists in ISI/Highly Cited in the field of ecology/environment.
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