Water Resource Associates

WRA Partners

The experience of our Partners covers hydrometric network design, instrumentation, data capture and processing, flood estimation and forecasting, low flow and drought studies, hydropower operation, modelling of complex conjunctive use water resource system, arid zone hydrology and wetland hydrology. WRA has extensive experience in water quality studies and modelling. A number of our Partners are experienced project managers.

We also specialise in producing high quality software for the water industry, either as bespoke applications or as products for general use. Software products include a catchment model, conjunctive use water resource simulation models, a river water quality model, a hydrological simulation model for climate change, chart digitising software and liming control software for acid rivers and lakes.
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Hydrologist and Water Resources Development
Extensive experience in hydrology and water resource assessment and development and has worked extensively in the UK, Europe and other parts of the world. Has specialised in flood estimation and on water resource assessment.
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Hydrologist/hydrogeologist with wide experience of hydraulics and water resource studies.
Experience in water resource development for city and industrial supply, irrigation and flood control, with regional specialisation in SE Asia and the Portuguese communities. His participation in national and international projects has ranged from that of specialist to project manager and team leader.
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Engineer hydrologist, author of HYSIM, wetland hydrology and Transboundary Water Resources
Civil Engineer with specialisation in computer applications for hydrology and water resources. His experience includes transboundary water resources studies, authorship of the HYSIM rainfall/runoff model and the Hydrological Simulation Model for Climate Change (HYSIM-CC).
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Hydrology and GIS
Hydrologist with over 20 years postgraduate experience in consultancy, specialising in hydrological models and the use of GIS. He has worked on a range of modelling studies including water quality, sediment transport, flooding, extreme rainfall and has extensive GIS experience in particular using Arc GIS and cell based modelling with the Spatial Analyst extension. He has also specialised in linking hydrological models with GIS.
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River and reservoir water quality modelling, catchment hydrochemistry, acidification.
Has over 35 years experience of water quality and pollution issues including the development of dynamic, stochastic and planning models. Applications include simulation of catchments, rivers and reservoirs with environmental impact assessment of effluent discharges, land use change, acid deposition and non-point source pollution.