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HYDRO and HYDRO 10 are programs simulate the operation of a reservoir on a monthly or 10-day time step. They simulate hydropower generation, irrigation supply, water supply and compensation flow either individually or in combination, as well as reservoir operation for flood control.

After specifying reservoir geometry, hydropower installations and historical or synthetic series of inflows and losses, the user can define demands for water, energy and peak power, set options and priorities, minimum head criteria and rule curves that govern the way the reservoir is operated. Numerical and graphical output can be displayed for rapid appraisal of each simulation.

Written in Fortran 90 and MS Visual Basic, the programs operating under Windows95 or Windows98. The user sees only the Visual Basic screens and is able to navigate rapidly through all the pages where program operation, data input and review of results are carried out. Data and results are saved in a series of Run Files and the user can rapidly work through a series of reservoir trials in which alternative operating strategies can be examined.
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