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DESIGNING PROJECTS WITH LOGICAL FRAMEWORKS AND TEAM-UP TOOLS: Logical Frameworks can be used to design and manage projects and ensures consistency of approach of all aspects including setting of Terms of reference, timing & costing of inputs, monitoring of progress and assumptions behind the project. An A4 page is created which gives all essential details of project for everyone. Team-up methods ensure all project subscribers agrees every aspect of the project. Many major AID Agencies use these methods, including the World Bank
ADVANCED RAINFALL/RUNOFF MODELLING: This course will cover these and other aspects of the use of rainfall/runoff models. The course will be based around the use of HYSIM which has been adopted as the national standard for such models by the English Environment Agency. It will also look at other models for special applications such as urban flooding and wetlands. The course includes hands on modelling training.
RIVER BASIN MANAGEMENT: The course will be taught through four main modules, tackling the key components of river basin management, and integrated water resources planning: Management Framework and Institutions, Hydrological Science, Monitoring and Case Studies. The course will draw on the wealth of WRA experience and project examples, to exemplify key aspects of river basin management, and case studies will be used in hands-on work. Download Brochure
RIVER WATER QUALITY MODELLING AND MANAGEMENT: A set of lectures describing the basic principles of water quality modelling , with case studies to illustrate the application of water quality models to a range of typical water quality issues, such as catchment management, pollution control and environmental impact assessment. The INCA model will be used to illustrate dynamic modelling and the model will be used to gain hands on experience.
PROVISION & USE OF SOFTWARE FOR SIMULATION AND ANALYSIS OF PUMPING & OBSERVATION WELL BEHAVIOUR, INCLUDING ANALYTICAL PREDICTION OF WELL LOSSES: This course focuses on the properties from pumping test data. Special software using simple spreadsheet methods also allow the prediction of well-losses. This latter method allows far better prediction of well- water- level behaviour and more accurate interpretation of ‘step-drawdown’ analysis. It can be used to great advantage in the statutory requirement of, the assessment of outputs of groundwater sources in the UK. Solving of real data is done during the course; the solving of client’s data is encouraged.
INARH was formed in 2010, and the Norwegian government has for many years supported Angola in the area of hydrology. INARH is currently expanding its size up to 130 persons by 2018, and reinstating its hydrometric network which was largely abandoned during the civil war. Norconsult-WRA is providing technical assistance and training in the field of hydrometry and hydrological data. During the course of the 3-year TA programme, structured courses in hydrometry and HydStra were delivered in Portuguese, with the preparation of training manuals and fieldwork. Further information on INARH activities please see: https://www.facebook.com/aquatres
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