Hydrological Software

Water Resource Associates produces a wide range of hydrological software. Most of the models have wide acceptance in the UK water industry. For example, HYSIM is a rainfall/runoff model which the Environment Agency has purchased for all of its regional offices and AQUATOR (now sold in conjunction with Oxford Scientific Software Ltd) has been used to analyse the resources of two of the largest water companies in the UK (Thames and Severn-Trent).
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Conjunctive use water resource system model
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Digitising software for hydrological data
River water quality model
Multi-purpose reservoir operation and analysis
Hydrological catchment model for resource assessment and flow naturalisation (free evaluation available)
We provide a model, termed HYSIM-CC, to quantify the effects of climate change. With the model you can work with IPCC SRES climate scenarios; Import climate and other data; Analyse changes to river flow, runoff, soil moisture, groundwater recharge, snow melt, frost days and irrigation demand; Simulate the impacts anywhere in the world; Output the results in a range of graphic formats or as csv files
INCA (Integrated Nitrogen in Catchments) has been used in many European catchments
Excel Version of the Instream Component of the QUASAR/INCA Water Flow and Water Quality Model
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