INCA: Integrated Catchement Model

INCA is now sold in conjunction with the University of Reading, UK.

INCA is a processed-based dynamic model providing representation of plant and soil system dynamics and in-stream biogeochemical and hydrological dynamics. The INCA model has been used successfully to assess a wide range of environmental change issues in catchments including:

  • Land use change,
  • Climate change
  • Changing pollution environments including point and diffuse pollution.
The model has been applied to a wide range of key European ecosystems.

The INCA model has been developed under EU funded projects (EU- INCA and Eurolimpacs) and other projects funded by the Environment Agency, National Power, DEFRA, Natural England, English Heritage, EPSRC, ESRC and NERC, such as the NERC LOCAR project.


Prof Paul Whitehead has undertaken an extensive INCA Flow and Water Quality Modelling study in the Ganges, Brahmaputra and Meghna River systems to investigate the impacts of climate change on river discharge, nitrate, ammonia and phosphorus into the future. This is the most complex INCA modelling study that has been attempted and results suggest increased monsoon flows and some reduced dry weather flows, or with extended drought periods. Plus nutrient concentrations would fall due to the extra dilution effects in monsoon periods. The effects of socio-economic change has also been investigated to evaluate the Ganges clean-up plan and to study the impacts of proposed water transfers upstream of Bangladesh. The clean-up plan if implemented would improve the water quality reducing nutrient loads entering Bangladesh. The water transfers would have a major effect, if implemented in full, significantly reducing flows into the delta system and the Bay of Bengal.

Download the Presentation

Read the Published Papers:

Impacts of climate change and socio-economic scenarios on flow and water quality of the Ganges, Brahmaputra and Meghna (GBM) river systems: low flow and flood statistics. P. G. Whitehead et al.

Dynamic modeling of the Ganga river system: impacts of future climate and socio-economic change on flows and nitrogen fluxes in India and Bangladesh, P. G. Whitehead et al.
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