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WRA has experience of groundwater development, management and conservation in most global geologies. The company has provided advice on centralised management of groundwater for large-scale irrigation and water supply projects, as well as development, design and implementation of regional, city and rural water supply schemes, designing and supervising the installation or rehabilitation of individual boreholes, wellfield supplies, aquifer drains, radial collector wells, adits, dug-wells and aflaj [qanat].

Smaller-scale projects have included irrigation and potable water supplies for farms and private properties. Unusual projects have included the exploitation of shallow sand aquifers on islands and cutting water supply drains through fibrous tropical peat.

WRA’s groundwater activities include assessment of groundwater deployable output for the British water industry at many levels, groundwater modelling, groundwater quality assessment with particular reference to nitrates and hydrocarbons, water quality modelling, and the writing and use of specialised software for tackling complex problems, particularly related to borehole design, pumping test analysis and deployable output assessment.

WRA, through its associates, has the in-house capability to provide groundwater monitoring, drilling, soil and aquifer test services at many global locations.

WRA Clients and Countries

WRA’s clients include the Environment Agency, water companies, research agencies, foreign governments, industrial and private developers and the tourism industry. 

WRA has groundwater experience in the following countries: Angola, Azerbaijan, France, Indonesia, Lebanon, Malaysia, Moldova, Morocco, Mozambique, Portugal, Somaliland, Timor Leste, Thailand, UAE and UK.

Groundwater Studies

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WRA Services Summary and Skill-set

  • Groundwater investigations [desk, reconnaissance, survey]
  • Groundwater exploration and development
  • Groundwater modelling [MODFLOW, GFLOW, MT3D, MOC3D, SEAWAT]
  • GIS applications for groundwater mapping
  • Pumping tests [Win32, PtFIT advanced step test analysis]
  • Regional and local groundwater modelling
  • Diverse forms of engineering design: boreholes, dug-wells, horizontal aquifer drains, collector wells, adits and well-points
  • Groundwater monitoring, hydrometrics and geophysical survey
  • Groundwater control/dewatering design and optimisation
  • Managed aquifer recharge and recharge dams
WRA provides a complete service from initial strategy and concept through design and construction supervision to commissioning. This gives WRA’s hydrologists a unique insight into the full spectrum of activities and problems which can affect groundwater development and conservation projects.
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