Water Resource Associates

International Water Resource Services

Water Resource Associates was formed in 1994 by a network of established individual consultants with world-wide experience of water issues. Our combined international experience spans 120 countries covering Western and Eastern Europe, Africa, Asia the Middle-East and the Caribbean.

WRA provides a world-class specialised consulting service in hydrology, water resource evaluation, development, planning and management, and in related topics either directly to a client or in collaboration with other companies or organisations.

Special Areas of Expertise

Off the Shelf and Bespoke Software

  • AQUATOR: Simulation of water resource systems
  • CDIG: Digitising software for hydrological data
  • DISPRIN: Simulation of river dispersion processes
  • HYDRO: Reservoir operation and analysis
  • HYSIM: Hydrological catchment model
  • HYSIM-CC: Hydrological simulation model for climate change
  • INCA: River water quality model
  • TRMM-sys: Provides Real-Time Multi-Satellite Precipitation Analysis.
  • QUASAR Lite : Excel Version of the Instream Component of the QUASAR/INCA Water Flow and Water Quality Model.

Capability Statements

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