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International Water Resource Services

Water Resource Associates was formed in 1994 by a network of established individual consultants with world-wide experience of water issues. Our combined international experience spans 120 countries covering Western and Eastern Europe, Africa, Asia the Middle-East and the Caribbean.

WRA provides a world-class specialised consulting service in hydrology, water resource evaluation, development, planning and management, and in related topics either directly to a client or in collaboration with other companies or organisations.

Special Areas of Expertise

Off the Shelf and Bespoke Software

  • AQUATOR: Simulation of water resource systems
  • CDIG: Digitising software for hydrological data
  • DISPRIN: Simulation of river dispersion processes
  • HYDRO: Reservoir operation and analysis
  • HYSIM: Hydrological catchment model
  • HYSIM-CC: Hydrological simulation model for climate change
  • INCA: River water quality model
  • QUASAR Lite: Excel Version of the Instream Component of the QUASAR/INCA Water Flow and Water Quality Model.

Data Service

Since 2010, WRA has been actively using TRMM data for water resource and flood defence projects, particularly in areas of sparse data. Our TRMM data service provides continuous rainfall time-series and rainfall intensity-duration-frequency [IDF] curves for any point on the globe between the 50 degree latitudes, in formats which are easy to use for hydrological analysis.

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